Animal Control

Council Member
Michelle Roberts

801-388-0810 (c)


1.  Provide quality customer service in all phases of animal control operations.
2.  Provide services which aid in containing free-roaming animals to prevent human injuries.
3.  Provide services which help prevent animals from becoming nuisances to the community or a burden to its citizens.
4.  Provide a physical facility which will house lost unwanted and neglected animals in a humane manner.
5.  Provide unwanted, sick or injured animals with humane euthanasia, according them dignity and respect during that act.
6.  Create public information and education programs, which will assist the members of this community in becoming more responsible pet owners.

Animal Control

Do you need to register your dog(s)?

Animal Control sends out a reminder about a month in advance, and they also allow a 30-day grace period.  Online renewals can be completed at:

Their office is located at 1373 N. 750 W. in Harrisville, and their phone number is 801-399-8244.

If your rabies certificate is still valid from last year, you can go online to register your dog(s) at:

Please call 801-629-8221 for any animal related emergencies.