Council Member
Kristi Bell


1. Provide leadership in emergency preparedness and Emergency Management.
     a. Establish and maintain a collaborative and consistent professional relationship with partner associations, organizations, and agencies in emergency management.
     b. Research and establish core competencies for emergency management personnel based on guidance and standards.
     c. Complete the review and update the basics of the city's Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).

2.  Prepare Uintah City to respond to, recover from, and mitigate against natural and man-made emergencies and disasters.
     a. Clarify the EOP's chain of command and lines of control.
     b. Establish a unified response plan for a crisis; to prevent or minimize the threat when possible; and to respond quickly and effectively when prevention is not possible.

3.  Identify and document citywide unique specialty resources in the areas of unique personnel skills, specialty equipment, and location identification.
     a. Designate key personnel in response areas.
     b. Designate resources needed/ available.
     c. Encourage Emergency Preparedness seminars and advertise them for all city residents.

Emergency Preparedness

Uintah City Emergency Preparedness Open House
Hosted by the Uintah City Fire Department
May 8, 2014, 5:00 pm- 8:00 pm
Uintah City Fire House


The City's Emergency Operations Plan, adopted March 2012

FEMA Recovery Framework    September 2011

Weber County Emergency Management Notification system, January 2013

Emergency Notifications from Weber County

Weber County Emergency Management suggested to city residents on January 23, 2013, via a “reverse 911” call, to consider leaving a small trickle of water running in their homes so that water pipes would not freeze due to the cold weather. Many residents did receive a call on their landline. If you did not receive a call, see the following paragraph.

Weber County Emergency Management has instituted a program whereby residents may register cellphones, home phones, and email addresses, to receive emergency "reverse 911" calls from Weber County. You can find the instructions on the city website under Emergency Preparedness under Others under Departments (top pulldown menu).

Click here for the link to the Weber County Emergency Management website,
where you can register your address and phone numbers.

How to Register with WC Emergency Management website

You can now access your address through the Weber County Emergency Management website, to register your cellphone or email address.  This will allow you to be notified in case of emergency messages from Weber County.


1.  Enter the first digits of your address with the letter (e, w, n, s)  only.  Example: 1610 E  (NOT 1610 East).

2.  When your complete address shows on the screen, select it.

3.  Pick any password you want to use, and enter it.

4.  Once you have access, you can add cellphone numbers and email addresses.

5.  Submit the information and exit!
Good luck!