Station Tours

Fire Station Tours provide a unique opportunity to meet firefighters and learn about what they do through a hands-on learning experience.  Residents, schools, service groups, and community organizations may take a field trip to Station 91.  Pre-scheduling is requested two weeks to one month in advance of your visit.

Each tour is limited to 20 people and we require at least one adult per five children.

Fire stations can only accommodate 2-3 requests per month, so please have more than one date available in case your first-choice date is unavailable.  An Adult must accompany children during fire station tours. Children should be at least 4 years of age. 

Sorry, no requests for personal parties and birthday events.  A station tour is welcome as part of their event.  We ask that you do not hold party festivities such as cake, ice cream or gifts at the station.

Please note all stations are working fire stations and crews remain available for response during all tours. In the event a crew is called away during your visit, we will be happy to re-schedule your tour for another day.

Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for administering fire safety education, fire cause determination, inspection of high hazard occupancies, fire code enforcement, and vegetation management.  A great deal of the public contact achieved by the Department is a direct result of the Fire Prevention programs.  These programs check code compliance and proper life safety standards.


The Division is Managed by the City Fire Marshal. In addition to the Division Staff, all personnel who are a part of the Uintah Fire Department carry a great deal of responsibility of assisting in the Fire Prevention Mission of the Department.


Our programs are here to serve you, so please let us know if we have not met your needs by calling us at (801) 784-8701.


Fire Inspections

​The fire department conducts annual fire inspections of buildings to ensure the safety of those residents who occupy them.  Fire inspectors specifically enforce the International Fire Code.  They perform inspections of commercial businesses and multi-family dwellings and if needed, cite violations and draft permit applications. Re-inspections also are done to verify compliance to previously noted violations of businesses or multi-family dwellings.

For additional information on fire inspections, please contact the Fire Marshal at (801) 784-8701.

Additional Helps:

Self Inspection Self Inspection Cover Letter

Prevention & Education

Public Education Programs

The Uintah Fire Department Provides a series of fire education programs and services which include the items below. To schedule a program, please call the Fire Department at (801) 784-8701 or E-Mail us at ufdsta91@gmail.com for more information.

Smoke Detector Familiarization
Smoke Alarms

The Fire Department can answer your questions on smoke detectors including what kind you should purchase, where to place them and how often the battery needs to be replaced.

Fire Prevention Programs

The Fire Department provides numerous public service Fire Prevention Programs to the public.

These programs include:
      Presentation on fire safety to civic groups, schools, churches, and other organizations.
Fire extinguisher training sessions are conducted at local businesses upon request.
Fire truck visits local schools and day care centers to discuss fire safety.

School Education Programs

The Fire Department has fire safety education programs available for all local schools. For the elementary student, a fire truck can visit, for the middle school and senior high student, UFD can provide a Fire Fighter to present a fire safety education program.

Local Business & Health Care Facility Fire Prevention In-Services

The Fire Department conducts fire on-site training services for health care facilities as well as area businesses. They include but are not limited to fire safety and evacuation in the work place.