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Mayor & City Council


 DO NOT park cars, trucks, or any other vehicles on 6600 South between the railroad tracks
and the road. This area is
private rail road property.
The Weber County Sheriff has been instructed to keep this safety area clear of all vehicles.


Welcome to the City of Uintah

We are a family oriented community, founded upon principles of accountability and integrity, while preserving the quality of life for future generations.
Uintah City Mission Statement approved and adopted
by the City Council April 5th, 2016


Monday, December 14, 2020
6:00 pm MST - 7:00 pm MST


Uintah City has requested to be annexed by the Weber Fire District to provide fire and EMS protection services.

Weber Fire District will have a public hearing on December 8th, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. at Station 61 located at 2023 W. 1300 N., Farr West, Utah for comments related to the annexation. Additional information can be obtained by visiting or calling         801-782-3580.

The impact on this annexation, based on the approximate average property values in Uintah City and our current certified tax rate, is $284.21 per year for a $375,000 residence and $516.75 per year for a $375,000 business. This will not take effect until 2022.

Property owners and registered voters within the area proposed to be annexed may protest the annexation by filing a written protest with the Weber Fire District Board of Trustees within 30 days after the public hearing. Protests can be emailed to or mailed to the above address after the public hearing.

Ordinance No. 262-20
An Ordinance of the City Council of Uintah City, Utah, amending the City Code in Title Ten; Chapter 2 definitions; Chapter 5 subtitle 3(j) streets; providing for repealer, severability and establishing an effective date (cul-de-sacs)

Ordinance 261-20; An ordinance to repeal the Culinary Water Capital Facility Plan and Impact Fee Study of August 2007, and establishing an ordinance of Uintah City adopting the Culinary Water Capital Facilities Plan and adopting and enacting the impact fee analysis and Weber Basin Capital Charge fee for the provision of culinary water and other related matters.

Ordinance 260-20; Budget Amend. FY2020-21

New Short/Long Term Residential Rental Ordinance - Effective 09-01-2020

The public is strongly encouraged to respond to the 2020 Census online using a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, and can also respond by phone or mail. Everyone should respond to the 2020 Census as soon as you receive your invitation — and when you're finished, please make sure your friends, families and social networks know about the importance of responding. 




Paycheck protection Program

Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program

Utah Leads Together Small Business Bridge Loans
You Can Also contact For More Information

The U.S. 89 – Farmington to I-84 project team has created a Facebook group so nearby residents can stay informed about the project, share information directly from UDOT with their neighbors, and ask questions and submit comments to the team.

The page can be found here:

Most current 89 Information

A Reminder From Waste Management

from the Weber County Sheriff's Office

The best way to help the community is to be a good witness. If you see suspicious people in the neighborhood, call 911. You won’t be bothering anyone and each call makes a difference. Even if Deputies are too far away or busy on calls and can’t respond immediately, your description of the suspects may help link cases together. Any information reported to Deputies may help months down the road when a suspect is apprehended and multiple cold cases can be linked to that suspect. Be descriptive and safe as you gather information about suspicious people. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way, but gender, height, ethnicity, clothing descriptions, and photographs are all helpful to Detectives. Most of the time, we have very little or no information to assist with these investigations. Fingerprints rarely aid in finding a suspect, so we rely on good descriptions of suspicious people.

Thank you for your help.

Detective Miles  
Weber County Sheriff's Office


Thanks to Luke!


Uintah Resident Luke Mildon donated his hand-made recreation of the city’s logo and train engine to the city office on March 5, 2014. We are fortunate to have Luke share his talents with us as a city. You can see his handcrafted woodwork on display at city hall.
This donation will stand as a reminder to all who view it of the rich legacy of our city history.
Thank you, Luke, for your very generous donation, and for this unique demonstration of your

Uintah City Hall

2191 East 6550 South
Uintah, UT 84405
M-W 9 am to 5 pm
Th-F 9 am to 1 pm
Phone: (801) 479-4130   
Fax: (801) 476-7269

Uintah City
Uintah Fire Department
Mountain U

Important Phone Numbers

Weber County Sheriffs Office
Emergency 911
Dispatch  801-629-8221

Weber County Animal Control
Office 801-399-8244
Emergency 801-629-8221

Weber-Morgan Health Department
Office 801-399-7100

Uintah City Business Directory
City Licensing Official 801-479-4130

City Meetings

2020 Uintah City Public Meeting Schedule

Uintah City holds its City Council meetings on the 1st and 3rd
Tuesdays of each month at 7:00 pm.  There will not be a meeting the first Tuesday of November due to elections.

Planning Commission meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm.

All meetings are held at the Uintah City Hall, 2191 E 6550 S, Uintah, Utah.

Any exceptions will be posted in