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Mayor Lawrence Flitton

The City of Uintah has been blessed to have beautiful views of the Wasatch Mountains, picturesque Weber River, great people, and the sounds of the train that reminds us every day of the deep Uintah history. I have been blessed to have lived, worked, and visited cities all around the world and none match the uniqueness of Uintah and the people that live and work here.

When I chose to run for public service, I reflected on my 18 years as a citizen of Uintah and my professional experiences and pondered how I could give back to the city and all those who live here. I have been blessed to have been employed with a very large organization with business presence in several domestic and international locations where I was responsible for an organization that employed over 180 people and over $10M in annual revenues. Recently, I accepted a position as an Executive Director with a local company that is currently doing business in 5 states and preparing to expand nationally. In both positions, I'm charges with the responsibility of guiding a team of professionals to success and adhering to financial targets.

The City of Uintah is faced with financial constrains, growth decisions, and infrastructure concerns that will need to be tackled with prudence and long term vision. I'm honored to have been chosen to be voted the Uintah City Mayor and will bring my professional experience to address these issues. When working with the City Council to address municipality issues, I will glean ideas from citizens by listening attentively as well as use my principle based values to arrive at a logical and equitable solution.

Thank you for the opportunity to work for you to make this city a great place to live.