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Council Member
Dave Boothe

Perpetual Care
Jeff Holden

Parks and Scout Hall

The Uintah City Park and Scout Hall are available for rent most days of the year.
Contact the City Staff at 801-479-4130 for details.

All rentals require the completion of a Reservation form.


1.  Operate and maintain the park in a safe and clean manner that protects the natural resources of the park and the welfare of the park patrons.
     a.  Repair fences which are damaged during high winds.
     b.  Review issues at the park tennis court and provide solutions.
     c.  Identify trees that need maintenance and where new trees can be planted within the park.
2.  Check all playground equipment to ensure that it is safe and up to required standards.
     a. Replace grass, with approved sand or bark, around the play equipment at the City Hall Park.
     b. Upgrade the tennis court to include tennis and pickle-ball.
     c. Replace high maintenance items with more sustainable, low maintenance items.
3. Look for opportunities to create new parks.
     a. Develop the River Park
Uintah U City

Uintah City Hall

  • 2191 East 6550 South
    Uintah, UT 84405
    801-479-4130 (office)
    801-476-7269 (fax)