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Chair: Debra Wickizer

Vice Chair: Glen Woolsey

Member: Aaron Stuart

Member: Brett Parke

Member: Scott Dixon

Brandon Minster
Glenn Williams

Secretary: Christie Blackner

City Council Representative:
Rob Guiller


Planning Commission Meetings are held
the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm.

All meetings are held at the Uintah City Hall
located at 2191 E. 6550 S., Uintah, Utah.

Any exceptions will be posted in advance.

If you have an item you would like added to a
Planning Commission Meeting agenda, contact the
Planning Commission Chair or Planning Commission Secretary.


1.  Take an active role in local planning issues that are significant to Uintah, and seek consensus.

2.  Assist the community in promoting growth, stability, and prosperity.

3.  Encourage efficient utilization of existing infrastructure and buildings.

4.  Review and revise ordinances and resolutions as necessary.

Agendas & Meeting Minutes

Agendas from Uintah City Planning Commission Meetings can be found here.
Minutes from Uintah City Planning Commission Meetings can be found here.

General Plan

It shall be the function and duty of the planning commission to make and recommend to the city council a proposed general plan for the physical development of the city, including other areas outside of its boundaries which, in the planning commission's judgment, bear relation to the planning of the city.
The general plan may include, among other things, the general location, character and extent of streets, parks, parkways, playgrounds, airports, and other public spaces; the general location and extent of public utilities and terminals, whether publicly or privately owned; the acceptance, widening, removal, extension, relocation, narrowing, vacation, abandonment or change of use of any of the foregoing: the general location, character, layout and extent of community centers and neighborhood units; and the extent and layout of the replanning of blighted areas.

Click here for the current General Plan , Updated March 2017


More information about the City's zoning can be found in Title 9, Chapters 6-9 of the Uintah City Code. Click here for a link to the Uintah City ordinance page.

Click here for the Uintah City Zoning Map , Updated August 2015

Conditional Use Permit (CUP)

More information about Conditional Use Permits, what they are and when they are required, can be found in Title 9, Chapter 13 of the Uintah City Code. Click here for a link to the Uintah City ordinance page.

Conditional Use Permit applications must be filled-out and turned into the Uintah City Hall at least 7 business days before the scheduled Planning Commission meeting.
The corresponding fee, listed on the application, must be paid before a CUP will be added to the Planning Commission meeting agenda.

The following Conditional Use Permit Applications are specific to the type of business being applied for:

CUP Application - Home Based Business
CUP Application - Home Daycare
CUP Application - Commercial
CUP Application - Hobby Kennel

Other Land Use Questions

For all other applications (Site Plan, Subdivisions, Annexations, Boundary Line Adjustments, etc.) or for any questions about land use in Uintah City, please visit the Uintah City Hall in person, or call the Planning Commission Secretary or Planning Commission Chair at the numbers listed at the top of this page.

City’s Construction and Design Standards

For updated City Construction and Design Standards, please contact the City Engineer. Or visit Uintah City « Consulting Engineers | Jones & Associates (

Uintah U City

Uintah City Hall

  • 2191 East 6550 South
    Uintah, UT 84405
    801-479-4130 (office)