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Railroad Crossing!
The Union Pacific railroad completed the installation of crossing gates on 2275 East, by 6600 South, in July, 2014.  This will make the crossing safer for vehicular traffic, especially for school buses.  Here are a few photos of the crossing gates.


1.  Work with the Railroad to maintain a good relationship.

2.  UPRR crossing at 2275 East - Pursue installation of crossing barriers.



Former Councilman Don Pearson provides this further advice from the Union Pacific Railroad:

Quote: “Unfortunately, many seniors, parents, and photographers choose to use rail tracks as a background.  A practice that isn't only unsafe, it's also trespassing.

I'm reaching out to a few key cities with a request that you help us spread the word that tracks are for trains, not for photos. We don't want to do anything that creates the idea that train tracks are a good place to congregate, pose, or play.

We have a couple short videos that can easily be shared across a number of social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).  Using the hashtag #TracksAreForTrains, our goal is to increase awareness and avoid any unfortunate memories. The videos can be found at this link:”

We live “by” the tracks.  Let’s do everything we can so that no one in the City dies “on” the tracks!


Uintah station about 1940

Uintah station, on the north side of the lower track, at 1725 East.

Union Pacific Big Boy (4-8-8-4) in the 1950's

Passing through Uintah, westbound, in July 1976
Uintah U City

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