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Safety at the US-89/6600 South intersection

There have been several “near misses”, almost accidents, at the light where 6600 South insects US-89. 
There are several problems with people leaving Uintah and pulling out onto US-89.

First, please be aware that there are three lanes on 6600 South at the intersection.

1- The center lane goes straight ahead across US-89 to Smitty’s, Pitchers Sports, and the hotel.  You should not turn right or left from this center lane.  Straight ahead only.  Do NOT turn left from the center lane.

2- The left lane is the only lane that should be used to turn left onto US-89 northbound.

3- The right lane is the only lane that should be used to turn right onto US-89 southbound. The right turn can only be made on a green light. 
There is “no turn” on red.

Thank you for paying attention to traffic rules, which exist for our and your safety.


Council Member

Rob Guiller


1. Ensure all street sings are in compliance with the new state regulations.
2. Reclassify 6600 South as a "collector" road.
3. Widen 6600 South to include a walking path.
4. Attend meetings relating to current and future road projects with the following goals:
  • Become more acquainted with officials that are responsible for transportation, planning, approving, and funding.
  • Be informed about any projects that affect the city and its residents.
  • Voice the city's needs and problems to the officials to find solutions.
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