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A Message from Weber County Sheriff's Office

Our biggest reoccurring crime in Uintah is vehicle burglaries. After that, thefts are the second most occurring. Both of these can be prevented with a few easy measures that require very little effort. First of all, the kind citizens need to LOCK THEIR CARS! Of all the vehicle burglaries, all have been unlocked. The suspects walked through neighborhoods simply pulling on door handles, then rifling through the unlocked vehicles they find. Next to locking your vehicle, please hide any valuables from plain view from outside your vehicle. If your vehicle is locked, and there’s nothing of value seen from the outside, they will pass your vehicle by. This can be echoed with residential home doors and garage doors. Keep them closed and locked! Plus, keep valuables out of plain view, put hitch locks on your trailer tongues, and keep your property well-lit at night.


The second way to help the community is to be a good witness. If you see suspicious people in the neighborhood, call 911. You won’t be bothering anyone and each call makes a difference. Even if Deputies are too far away or busy on calls and can’t respond immediately, your description of the suspects may help link cases together. Any information reported to Deputies may help months down the road when a suspect is apprehended and multiple cold cases can be linked to that suspect. Be descriptive and safe as you gather information about suspicious people. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way, but gender, height, ethnicity, clothing descriptions, and photographs are all helpful to Detectives. Most of the time, we have very little or no information to assist with these investigations. Fingerprints rarely aid in finding a suspect, so we rely on good descriptions of suspicious people.


Thank you for your help.

Detective Miles  
Weber County Sheriff's Office

Uintah U City

Uintah City Hall

  • 2191 East 6550 South
    Uintah, UT 84405
    801-479-4130 (office)