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Uintah City Zoning Map
Updated August 2015


1.  Manage implementation and enforcement of local zoning and building codes.

2.  Provide efficient, effective, equitable services to all citizens and visitors.

3.  Ensure that sound land use and development practices are employed, and guide future development in an efficient and serviceable manner.

4.  Regularly review and revise the City's land use documents and consistently enforce ordinances.

5.  Maintain an adequate, high-quality staff to provide efficient, timely service to residents.

6.  "Public Purpose" ensures that landowners and/or tenants properly adhere to city Ordinances.  Ordinance adherence must be uniform for each class of property throughout any zone. As examples, all structures must be the same setback distance from the road in all townships.  All housing developments must have the same distance of road frontage as all other housing districts in the same category.

7.  Annex land that lies within the interior boundary of the City that are classified as unincorporated.
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