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Mayor and City Council

(L-R) Greg Johnson, Don Pearson,
Mayor Lawrence Flitton,
Jerry Smith, Gordon Cutler

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 Do NOT park cars, trucks, or any other vehicles on 6600 South between the railroad tracks and the road.  This area is private railroad property.  The Weber County Sheriff has been instructed to keep this safety area clear of all vehicles.

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From Weber Pathways to residents of Uintah, November 11, 2015:

Please join us on Monday, November 16, at 12:30 pm to celebrate the completion of a pedestrian/bicycle tunnel. The tunnel was constructed under Hwy 89 at Skyline Dr. in South Ogden as part of a larger project to realign Harrison Blvd and widen Hwy 89. The ribbon cutting will be located at the south side of the tunnel near the Washington Heights Church at 1170 E. 6200 S. in South Ogden.

While there are a number of pedestrian tunnels in Weber County, the reason we are celebrating this tunnel is that it is recognizing the forward-thinking initiative taken by South Ogden City, Weber County, UDOT and their community partner, Weber Pathways. These organizations are working to provide transportation facilities now that will support the transportation needs 20 years from now when the population has doubled. One of the initiatives of Wasatch Choice 2040 is to provide convenient and safe active transportation facilities to reduce road infrastructure costs and to improve air quality by reducing reliance on single-occupant vehicles.

This tunnel is in a site where numerous businesses and a church are located south of US-89. While, north of US-89 there is a large residential population in the jurisdictions of South Ogden and Weber County. Further, once the Skyline Drive connection is complete, many residents of Ogden City will have easier access to the intersection of Skyline Drive and US-89. Pedestrians and bicycles can quickly and conveniently access these businesses.

Additionally, the tunnel provides safe passage for school kids on either side of the highway who attend Uintah Elementary or South Ogden Junior High. Bike commuters from Uintah, South Ogden and South Weber areas are using the Weber River Parkway to connect to central Ogden work locations. The tunnel will expand the convenience to other businesses in South Ogden as well as central Ogden.

Mark Benigni

Executive Director

Weber Pathways
PO Box 972
Ogden, UT 84402
(801) 393-2304

Weber Pathways is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to plan, promote, construct, and protect non-motorized trails and related open space in Weber County, UT.

Uintah City's General Plan
Share your vision of the future of Uintah by taking a survey at
Survey results will be used to update
the Uintah City General Plan.

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survey.  If you did not, do it today.
We urge you to take the survey.
For further information,
click here to see the letter from
Councilman Don Pearson
which contains more details
about the survey and the
General Plan.
You may also contact the PC Chair,
or the city webmaster.


Planning Commission Vacancy


West Nile Virus Press Release

Note new email address for the city office:

Cemetery Resolution

effective 3/4/15
_________________ the Scout House (Old Town Hall)


Every third Monday at 1:00 PM

 First - a warm relaxing foot bath

Then - special care to trim toenails and buff calluses or rough areas on your feet

Lastly - an invigorating foot massage

 Only $10!!!

 Sidebar:  Call the City offices with ideas for other Senior Services that you would like to see here in the City.  Treat a senior that you love to this professional foot care!

Thanks to Luke!


Uintah Resident Luke Mildon donated his hand-made recreation of the city’s logo and train engine to the city office on March 5, 2014.  We are fortunate to have Luke share his talents with us as a city.  You can see his handcrafted woodwork on display at city hall.  This donation will stand as a reminder to all who view it of the rich legacy of our city history.  Thank you, Luke, for your very generous donation, and for this unique demonstration of your handiwork!

Uintah City Hall

2191 East 6550 South
Uintah, UT, 84405

Phone: (801) 479-4130   
Fax: (801) 476-7269


Important Phone Numbers

Weber County Sheriffs Office
Emergency 911
Dispatch  801-629-8221

Weber County Animal Control
Office 801-399-8244
Emergency 801-629-8221

City Meetings

2015 Uintah City Meeting Schedule

Uintah City holds its City Council meetings on the 1st and 3rd
Tuesdays of each month at 7:00 pm.  There will not be a meeting the first Tuesday of November due to elections.

Planning Commission meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm.

All meetings are held at the Uintah City Hall, 2191 E 6550 S, Uintah, Utah.

Any exceptions will be posted in 

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